28 May 2014

Just do it

Not sure if you fellow readers noticed via instagram, but last month I had the pleasure of running in Nike She Runs. For those who missed out this year, I highly recommend it for the next. It doesn't purely revolve around running, it's more of a motivational get your girls together and have fun (while exercising).
Surprising myself pre and post Nike She Runs; I accomplished my first Bronte to Bondi run and back, training at 7am by the beach (really should take advantage of this, seeing I live so close), looking forward to muscle pain after training, wearing head to toe fluro and feeling completely at peace after yoga sessions - think I'm obsessed now. I don't think I've ever owned this much exercise gear or shoes (which I'll be posting up next week), meaning I really don't have an excuse of not getting fit now.

I kinda wish Nike did this every month.
Ps. Thanks to the gorgeous girls at Two Birds Talking for making this happen - I'm forever grateful I had the chance to be apart of such an amazing and motivating event! See you next year.



  1. That sounds so awesome. Wish we had something like that here! Would definitely join. x


  2. This looks like such an awesome event. I know that I definitely need to get my butt back in shape and I totally wish we had something similar where I live. Too bad I can't just jet away to Sydney. In my dreams...


  3. Looks like such a fun and inspirational event.
    I wish I could go for beachside runs on the daily


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